Monday, October 4, 2010

Hmmm, lets let society be the judge.

July 22,08, my younger brother had a car accident, and did not survive it-he was 19. So much hurt,and depression overcame me, and my mediate family.
Days before his funeral my family from Michigan came to attend the funeral. The first day upon reaching my parents house my "Uncle Anthony", said aloud in the car to my Aunt(whom is still a sweat heart, and her boyfriend,whom is more of an uncle than Anthony could ever even think of being), "Hey, do you guys wanna go to New York City?" I said, "Are you really going to do that!?" Due to the fact his nephew just died 2 days prior- that question hit me off gaurd!.. My parents,my lil brother, and I were in mourning!!. (That was the first smack in the face.) If you knew him- you would've felt the same way that I did,b/c he wasnt showing any concern what-so-ever!)(btw I think they went to nyc).
About 2 months later- that same uncle contacted me to let me know that him and his girlfriend were to come to Jersey- Stay at my moms, and Dads house to console them. WTFUCK, Im not stupid, and since I know from history that he is a user, and does not care about others feelings:I knew he was gonna use them for a free room, so that he can enjoy a trip NYC! I said to him, "Your gonna rent a hotel room right?!" He said, "No!, Im going to stay at MY sisters' house- I want to know if she's ok!" (HE HAS NOT CALLED TO SEE HOW SHE HAS BEEN EVER SINCE THE FUNERAL, BUT HE IS GOING TO STAY AT HER PLACE TO "CONSOLE HER" WHILE HE PLANS A TRIP TO NYC) Bullshit!...
I put my foot down, and let him know they dont need his fakeness! That progressed to him ranting, and raving about how I need to RESPECT HIM b/c he is my uncle...I need to watch how I speak to him,"BECAUSE HE HAS KILLED BEFORE!!" (HE IS SUCH A LOSER!) I then let him know that if he comes to Jersey...I will have him arrested.. He went on threatening me (via text message too,idiot!),( remember,this is suppose to be a BLOOD RELATIVE speaking here!>>) and said, "ALL YAH' WANT IS A PITY PARTY B/C OF THE DEATH OF YOUR BROTHER!!!!!!" I responded with, "He better NEVERRRRRR come here!!!,and if he did, I WILL have him arrested for the threats on the texts, AND for what he did to me before! (I showed my mom the texts-she asked me ASAP about that last one)...
After 15 years of keeping a secret, those words, my emotions,all the other stresses he has added to others lives,plus the fact that I have a newborn baby to protect now- made me tell about the sexual things he MADE me do to him when I was 10 YEARS OLD! My parents were FURIOUS!
Not long following, after I spoke out- I found out about 3 OTHERS THAT HE HURT WHEN THEY WERE 10 YEARS OLD, WTF!!!!!...
Well, if you think this shit is FUCKED UP...The next part of my blog is gonna be a little more FUCKED UP!!!! FUCKING SICKENING MOTHER FUCKERS IN THIS WORLD! For any victims >>We get older, personalities, and toleration changes (you stop looking out for others feelings, and start protecting those closest to you!-anything can set it off), and I hit my boiling point for this nonsense!...Blog 2 (leading up to now 2010 of this madness- will follow shortly.


  1. That fucker killed more than people (if he even did that). He killed innocence and childhood. If you were my daughter, he would be floating in the river.

  2. Oh! And sorry about your brother, too.