Saturday, April 17, 2010

New side of the Leaf.

Thanks you two for your comments.. I have to really learn how to work this site lol...


  1. You post comments on other blogs, just like you did. And now I read you. Tell you what, I'll even "follow" you, then people on my blog will come over. Cool?

    Good luck with that whole sneezing thing. It sucks to hurt yourslef in something so mundane. Just wait until you dislocate your shoulder yawning. Age sucks.

  2. Trooper Thorn is right. I'm here from his site and willing to give you a hand (clapping). He is also right in that you will have to do a lot of visiting and commenting to get the peeps to come visit you. There is no other way. But have fun and unload all you need to. See ya around!

  3. I really appreciate the incites! Im going to take the advice :) @Coffeypot things are so much better (pertaining to the first blog)We ha such a rough patch, but stuck it out and things are totally on the flipside for the better!!! :)This blog started out as my "Coffeypot" for my relation, but I have a different topic to share (Coming Asap lol). I cant find the follow button for the both of your blogs?!!! But I will search till I do :) Thanks so much.