Thursday, April 15, 2010

My weeks from HELL

Hi There, Im still working towards my plan... Its never forgotten, but I had a little set back!
2 weeks ago, I sneezed, and heard something pop in my back... it hurt like hell the day after, but later forgot about it. I went through the week just moving a lil slower than usual until that Saturday. Friday, the night before I cleaned my place from top to bottom, The next morning I though I was paralized I could NOT move for an hour... I was able to reach the phone I called my mom, than my Boyfriend, 45 minutes later he took me to the E.R. Its been 2 weeks from then, and I have been to the chiropractor everyday! I had an MRI last friday just to find out that I have 2 protruding-herniated discs the jelly in those discs are touching my siatica nerve, can you say OUCH! The doctor said its been accumulating over the years (sinc I was so active in H.S. ETC. The sneeze was the last straw) This shit is so flippin painful!

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